Written by Melanie Burton, August 15, 2016
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David and Victoria Beckham have decided to sell their 200-acre luxury home in the South of France, for a bargain price of £2.4million.

The pair have rarely spent any time at the Domaine Saint-Vincent estate since they bought it in 2003, so, after originally purchasing it for £1.5million and giving it an extensive £5m renovation, they are flogging off the six-bedroom mansion for dirt cheap!

If the house sells for its listed price, they could lose a whopping £4million! Woah…

A source told The Sun: “They might have poured millions into the mansion, but they didn’t seem too keen to enjoy the results of their cash.

“The locals won’t miss them as they were hardly ever here. You wouldn’t have seen Victoria queuing for a croissant in the boulangerie.

To name just a few of its features, the property has six bedrooms, three reception rooms, four bathrooms, and a ‘superb infinity pool’ – in case anyone has a few mill lying around.

Check out the droolworthy pics here…


Credit: Knight Frank

Posh and Becks bought the mansion for £1.5m in 2003 and have spent £5m renovating it!

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