Written by Melanie Burton, September 21, 2016

Criminal cartel lawyer Phoebe had the beauty and brains on Survivor. Her game plan was solid; she manipulated, interrogated and kept her eye firmly on the prize.

Unfortunately, her strategic ways had her tribe feeling uncomfortable, and she was sent packing last night.

You dead set had Kristie on her way out, then it all turned on you!

It definitely surprised me [to be voted out]. I thought that I’d done enough groundwork for it to be Kristie and not myself, but I guess I was wrong.

Guess your luck ran out – your strategising worked to get Craig out, after all!

I had to do that. I thought if they suspected I had an Idol then they’ll split the vote and Kristie would go home.

At that point, she was a number for me, so I was trying to make sure that there was no doubt in their minds that I was going home. I had to act sad, sit away from the tribe and give them all a hug goodbye.


Do you think your job as a criminal lawyer gave you leverage in the game?

I think some of the traits that you need like forward-thinking, having a strategy and making sure you’re assessing the impact of your actions, you need to be able to do all of that as a legal professional, so in some ways those skills are transferrable, but I think ultimately it comes down to your social skills and the bonds you form with people.

What was the hardest thing about being on Survivor?

I was on a losing tribe from the beginning of the game, so just losing continuously and constantly taking a battering from those other tribes was hard.

The fact that you keep losing and the people around you are demoralised as well, it’s tricky to keep your spirits high and remain positive. I had the mindset that I wanted to enjoy every part of the game – even the hard stuff.

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