Written by Melanie Burton, April 8, 2016

It wasn’t a secret that Khloe Kardashian never really liked sister Kim’s ex Kris Humphries, but now she’s getting brutally honest about him – and has some harsh things to say!

“There’s a lot of times that I’ve told my sister the truth, like when she wanted to marry Kris Humphries,” she told Snoop Dogg on his GGN Podcast. “I was like, ‘He’s a f***ing loser. Why are you marrying this f***ing dog?’” Yikes! Calm down Khlo!

Of course, Kim didn’t really listen to Khloe at the time -because she ended up marrying Kris in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2011, filing for divorce just 72 days later. Yup.

“She didn’t have to hear me and that’s okay,” Khloe added. “But the fact is that I said what I had to say. And I’m not going to just dumb myself down and act like this guy’s not a f***ing joke when…for what?”

“So I said the truth and you know, later, she was like, ‘You know, you’re right,’” Khloe explained. “I think that takes a bigger person to come back later and say, ‘You know what, sister, you were right.’”

It does – especially from THE Kim Kardashian – who won’t ever admit she’s wrong!

Onya’ KoKo!

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