Written by Melanie Burton, September 8, 2016

YASS, OUR PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED! The people at Arnott’s decided it was a good idea to bring out “new and improved” Shapes earlier in the year, and they were NOT improved at all!

Instead of the finger lickin’ “season sprinkles” on one side of the shapes, the new recipes had the flavours baked into the biscuits and on both sides. Um, no thanks.

Fans started complaining about the new taste and texture of the snacks, taking to social media with the petition “Bring Back The Old Shapes” and managing to get nearly 30,000 signatures!

And the good ol’ people at Arnott’s listened, because today they revealed they’d be bringing back their ORIGINAL Pizza Shapes flavour, five months after the new recipes were introduced.

They will be back on shelves within a matter of weeks, and will join the current ‘Originals’ range of Original Barbecue, Chicken Crimpy and Savoury.

The six new flavours of Barbecue, Pizza, Cheddar, Cheese and Bacon, Nacho Cheese and Roast Chicken will still be there though…

A spokesperson for Arnott’s told MailOnline: “Since the launch of the New Shapes flavours, we’ve been listening to feedback. Aussies have clearly shown us the love they have for Original Pizza Shapes and we’re happy to announce the product will be returning to shelves over the coming weeks.

“We’ve been humbled by Australia’s passion for Shapes and would like to thank our fans for their patience. We hope to now have the best Shapes range for Shapes-lovers old and new.

“Following calls from younger fans and parents, Original flavour Barbecue and Pizza will also be reintroduced to multi-packs.”

We’ll be stocking up, that’s for sure!

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