Written by Melanie Burton, September 6, 2016

Tensions were high on last night’s episode of Married at First Sight, with one couple appearing to have called it quits already!

Yep, same-sex couple Craig and Andy had a drama-filled wedding in New Zealand, and the drama continued on their honeymoon, with Craig packing his bags and leaving because he wasn’t getting any affection from new hubby Andy.

“We’re on top of the mountain living the dream and he doesn’t even want to touch me,” Craig said.

“He doesn’t even want to kiss me. I thought I was married to someone, I didn’t realise I had to win him over.”

Craig wasn’t impressed with the lack of affection from new hubby Andy

The dramz started when Craig invited his ex-boyfriend of 13 years to their wedding reception, which Andy called a “deal-breaker.”

Andy later revealed that they didn’t have sex on their first night together, and the lack of intimacy and affection continued well in to the honeymoon, which didn’t impress Craig at all.

“I like affection, I like to touch people I’m in love with. I think Andy’s not overly affectionate. I just wish he was a little bit warmer.”

Despite Craig practically begging for attention, Andy told him, “I just want to take things slowly.”

“I find it really difficult to let people in. I generally keep them at arm’s distance until I give them my trust and they’ve earned my trust.”

Craig then admitted that he felt chemistry with Andy at their wedding, but by the honeymoon there was almost nothing left.

“I’m very sensitive and very emotional, and if my needs aren’t being met I sort of, I walk away.”

And walk away he did…

Craig walks away while Andy is in the shower

Poor Andy held on to hope after realising Craig had left, continuing to wear his wedding ring and telling the cameras, “If he was looking for somebody who wouldn’t give up on him then they found the right guy,” he said.

“Am I holding on to hope? I don’t know.”

Aww come on guys, don’t give up already!

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