Written by Melanie Burton, September 15, 2016

She was branded the “Ukrainian princess” by the other girls on The Bachelor, but Olena wants everybody to know she’s no ice queen.

“I may not seem like I’m into [Richie] because I don’t jump on him straight away, but there’s definitely something,” she told NW exclusively.

“He called me ‘mysterious’, I don’t know, maybe like 100 times… That was really getting to me! I didn’t want to be labeled as that.”

Despite making it into the top three, Olena, 23, admits she had a hard time opening up on the show, mainly because she was wary of getting hurt.

“Everybody gets their heart broken at one point, and I did get my heart broken,” she confesses. “Nobody likes getting their heart broken on national television. I was protecting myself.”


Although Olena says her feelings for Richie, 31, were very real, she admits she did have some doubts about their relationship before being given the boot.

“I know he has feelings for me, but I want to know… Are they that strong? Is he still not getting me in ways?” she says. “In order for me to open up, I really wanted him to have stronger feelings, and I really wasn’t getting much out of him.”

Now that she’s out of the running, Olena says she really wants Alex, 24, to win.

“She’s such an amazing girl and personality, and a genuine person altogether. I’m like, how can you not fall in love with her?” she adds. “As a friend, I love her very much and I don’t see why Richie wouldn’t either.”

Sorry, Nikki.

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