Written by Melanie Burton, June 8, 2016

YASSS! It’s now been 100% confirmed that Sookie St. James – aka Melissa McCarthy – is back in Stars Hollow, and we are beyond excited!

It was a matter of will she or won’t she be part of the Gilmore Girls revival, but now we know for sure that she IS in it, after she was snapped on set over the weekend. Yay!

The show’s costume supervisor Brenda Maben posted the snap on Insta of Melissa wearing Sookie’s trademark chef’s uniform with a bandana around her head – just the way we remember her – alongside her co-star Yanic Truesdale who plays Michel. All of the nostalgia!


Melissa on set. Credit: Brenda Maben Instagram

Melissa had previously said she wasn’t asked back to the show, then she said her work scheduling was an issue. We couldn’t keep up!

But recently, she admitted to People that after she visited the set, she realised what she would be missing if she didn’t take part. “Oh, my God, it was so sad. I got so sentimental. And it felt like the greatest idea in the world. It was lovely,” Melissa recalls.

And then – just like it was meant to be – another project she was working on had changed its plans, allowing her to have time to return to the show.

“Once we decided is there any possible way, something fell out for me, something changed for them, and then we immediately nabbed it.”

The Gilmore Girls reboot will pick up ten years later, and almost all of the original main characters will be taking part. Although no official air date has been announced, we do know that Netflix has decided to release the series in four 90 minute parts. KEEN!

Filming of the episodes started on February 2nd, and is currently scheduled to last until June 30! So does that mean we can expect to see it on our screens SOON?!

We hope so!

Melissa McCarthy announces she will be back for Gilmore Girls

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