Written by Melanie Burton, September 16, 2016

While The Bachelor‘s runner-up Nikki Gogan reveals she had to be consoled after watching the dramatic finale last night, Richie defends leading her on, blaming the producers for stringing her along instead.

Richie and Alex appeared on Rove & Sam this morning, and co-host Sam Frost questioned his decision to “bring Nikki along all the way to the finale knowing she was so in love.”

“Did you ever think, ‘You know what maybe I should let her go a little bit earlier to save her from that heartbreak?”‘ she asked him.

“You can’t just go to the producers and say, ‘Yeh guys, I know who it is, wrap this up,’ it just doesn’t work like that,” he told the radio hosts. UGH!

He continued by saying he didn’t know the true extent of Nikki’s feelings for him, because he couldn’t see the bits that we viewers saw.

“When you watch it back and you see those [vox pops] of Nikki saying those things, they’re the kind of conversations I’m not privy to, so there’s a lot of things I do miss there.

“I was in this position where I did build a really beautiful relationship with Nikki but I was definitely falling for Alex,” he went on.

Sam grills Richie about ‘leading Nikki on’

Meanwhile, heartbroken Nikki revealed to Kyle & Jackie O this morning that her sister Dani flew over from Western Australia to Sydney to be with her as she had to relive the heartache “all over again” while watching last night’s finale.

“My sister flew to Sydney to hold my hand last night so I’m very very lucky,” she revealed.

“I was right back there for a moment last night. There were tears and laughs and I got to relive that all over again.”

Despite clearly being head over heels for Richie at the time, Nikki admits that her feelings have subsided in the three months since filming ended.

“I don’t feel that I’m as in love as i was at the time,” she told the radio hosts.

Don’t worry Nikki – you’ll find your Prince Charming soon!