Written by NW Staff, July 22, 2016

Ahh winter dressing – what’s not to love?! It is a season that inspires cosy, luxe layering.

Winter dressing sees the collaboration of different textures, bold colours and statement accessories to create stylish fashion looks that will have you hoping spring takes a long vacay!

A fashion brand revelling in the winter season and leading the way with inspiring must-have wardrobe items is NEXT. Luckily for me, I have just returned from the NEXT Official press day in London where I got an insider’s look into the hottest trends.

NEXT is a brand that I have always admired and it’s my go-to for classic staples and fashion forward pieces.

Their pieces give women the opportunity to express their individuality and uniqueness and it’s truly a brand that doesn’t compromise on quality (we all hate a fabric that disintegrates faster than our bank accounts)!

Check out www.next.com.au to get your hands on this season’s show-stealers.

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