Written by Melanie Burton, September 3, 2016

Reckon it’s worth whipping out the old resignation letter for a starring role on your fave reality TV show?

Press pause on your print jobs, because according to new reports, the only big bucks you’ll be raking in is from endorsement deals based on your Instagram following… Unless you’re a Real Housewife!

Check out these poor payslips…

Married At First Sight


When former failed bride Clare Verrall from season two lashed out recently, she revealed the peeps on the show get paid $110 a week to be on the show.

If the girl is right, that would mean they’d be getting less than 20 bucks a day.

The Bachelor


The girls on this show must be looking for love and money in The Bachelor, because a report by The Daily Telegraph reveals they get paid only $90 a day to date the nation’s hottest bloke.

Real Housewives of Sydney


We know The Real Housewives of Sydney already have money (duh), but they apparently didn’t bat a fake lash at the $679 daily payment on offer.

Apparently the ladies were offered $70,000 to feature on the show – and with filming lasting a little over three months, it seemed like a pretty good option to us…

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