Written by Melanie Burton, September 22, 2016

We’ve been patiently waiting for the wedding of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth to happen, but apparently it could be put on the back-burner – because the Hemsworth clan don’t exactly approve of Milez. Especially big brother Chris!

Yep, according to OK! magazine, Chris isn’t very fond of Miley, and while he’s both nice and polite to her, he allegedly fears her influence on his three kids!

Chris and his wifey Elsa haven’t forgotten about pre-Miley, who was quite a wild child in her heyday. But although she’s toned it down a little since, she still wears some pretty wild outfits and has a penchant for swearing. And Chris isn’t happy!

“Chris doesn’t love Miley’s potty mouth,”a pal close to the couple revealed. “But he doesn’t want to drive his brother away.”

So is Liam’s family’s disapproval enough to put the wedding on hold?

We hope not!


Chris, Liam, and Miley [far right] all celebrated New Years Eve together


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