Written by Melanie Burton, April 5, 2016

Michelle Rodriguez and Paul Walker were super close friends on and off set of the Fast & Furious franchies, so after his tragic death – she was understandably heartbroken.

In a new clip from Michelle’s appearance in the documentary The Reality of Truth, she opens up about Paul’s death – and has come forward with a strange confession, admitting she’s envious of him dying before her.

She says that she was having a tough time coping with his death:

“I have to say, you know, when I lost Paul, I went through about a year of just being like an animal. Like, what could I do physically to just get my mind off of existentialism, get my mind off how transient life is and how we just come here and we can disappear at any moment?”

She explains that one of the things she did to take her mind off of the tragic loss, was to go under the influence of a psychedelic plant called Ayahuasca. Uh, whaaat!?

Michelle says that her experience with the drug actually made her realise she was jealous that Paul died before her:

“I did everything I could possibly do to hide from myself. And I’ll tell you that my Ayahuasca trip made me sad that he left me here. It wasn’t a sadness that he’s gone. It was more like a jealousy that he’s there first.”

Yikes, what was that plant doing to you Michelle!? Sounds dangerous!


Michelle’s Twitter tribute post to Paul after he passed away

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