Written by NW Staff, June 30, 2016

Well here they are!

These are the 22 lucky ladies vying for Richie Strahan‘s heart in the upcoming fourth season of The Bachelor Australia. Stunning much?!

And while this bunch of babes have women around the country totes jealous of the fact they get to cuddle up to Richie,  it sounds like he’s feeling pretty lucky to be cuddling up to them!

“I am feeling excited, nervous but mostly thrilled about potentially meeting the woman of my dreams,” Richie said in a Channel Ten statement earlier this year.

OMG we can’t believe that one of these gorgeous girls is going to be her!!!

Bacherlorette numbered 1

Here are the deets you need to know about the ladies in waiting:

1. Sophie, 28, Customer Support Manager, South Australia.

2. Olena, 23, Makeup Artist, NSW.

3. Mia, 24, Student / Former Athlete, NSW.

4. Megan, 27, Health Promotions Officer, Western Australia.

5. Rachael, 31, Support Worker, Western Australia.

6. Kiki, 28, Personal Assistant, NSW.

7. Aimee, 31, Business Development Manager, Victoria.

8. Laura, 24, Project Manager, Victoria.

9. Vintaea, 25, Massage Therapist, Queensland.

10. Natalie, 27, Communications Officer, Western Australia

11. Janey, 27, Children’s Entertainer, Queensland.

12. Alex, 24, Venue Manager, Victoria.

13. Tolyna, 31, Personal Trainer, Victoria.

14. Marja, 34, Yoga Instructor, NSW.

15. Nikki, 28, Real Estate Agent, Western Australia.

16. Eliza, 31, Event Coordinator, NSW.

17. Faith, 26, Hairdresser, Queensland.

18. Georgia, 24, Artist, Victoria.

19. Noni, 25, Swimwear Designer, Queensland.

20. Tiffany, 29, Training Administrator, Western Australia.

21. Keira, 29, Account Manager, NSW.

22. Sasha, 31, Executive Assistant, Victoria.