Written by Sarah Iasiello, May 13, 2016

Want to look like Thor – aka – Chris Hemsworth? It’s a pretty easy feat, really! All you have to do is eat 35 meals a day and train 18 hours a week, according to Chris’ stunt double Bobby Holland Hanton.

The diet was so intense, Bobby told Buzzfeed that he allowed himself a two-hour junk food binge once a week just to “keep himself sane.” Talk about train, insane!

Chris and Bobby have worked together for five years and on numerous films, but something tells us that this might be his most challenging and physically demanding film yet!

Pouts are out

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Thor’s chiselled jaw line and muscular build of epic proportions may be the envy of all men AND have women swooning, but it’s no easy feat to match our Aussie star’s ‘monster’ physique. 

According to Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Bobby trained twice a day for an hour five to six days a week, ramping it up to a whopping 90 minutes a day six days a week for the two weeks before shooting. Yikes!

Trained twice today #thormode

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The former gymnast turned stunt double said the training for Thor was “the most intense” for a movie he had ever done. The strict diet was even more challenging, devouring small meals every two hours focusing on “high protein, good fats and good carbs, including grilled chicken or turkey with spinach and natural nuts, and boiled eggs.”

The 31-year-old told Muscle and Fitness that because Chris has such lean muscle, he could only drink water and green tea, and banned himself from salt, sugar, and sauces. He also said, “It made me kind of unsociable in a way because you can’t go out with friends or family because you’re picking what you can and can’t eat in the menu.”

Bobby first worked with Chris in 2011 on Snow White and the Huntsman and they have become buddies ever since. He told Buzzfeed, “He’s a great dad, great husband, great friend… all-round legend. We have become very close friends now, I love him.”

We love him too, Bobby.



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