Written by Melanie Burton, October 7, 2016

Matty and Bachelorette Georgia Love are legit a match made in heaven. They barely came up for air… between laughs – and kisses!

But the kiss wasn’t as smooth as it looks, as Matty reveals to NW he was freaking out leaning in for his first smooch.

“The cameras are something that I’ve started to notice less and less, but when it comes to an intimate moment like [kissing], all of a sudden you’re so aware of all the cameras and crew and you’re kind of like, it’s so annoying. It’s like ‘What do I do with my hands?’”

Well he did pretty good if you ask us…


Aren’t they just the cutest?!

But while he’s made an impression on Georgia, Matty wasn’t entirely happy after their date. Say what?!

“The way it’s working out is, like, when you have time with her it’s amazing, but then you have to go to the back of the queue and then she’s with the rest of the guys,” he spills. “So yeah, it can be frustrating when you’ve had a really good single date with her but then once you’ve had that single date, you’re at the back of the queue.”

Sounds like Matty isn’t enjoying sitting pretty at the back of the line – even if he was hanging for a single date for so long! In fact, he tells NW he’s not dealing with sharing his girl. (Did you realise you’re on The Bachelorette, mate?)

“It’s the weirdest thing… When I was going for my single date, Clancy was like ‘Let me give you some advice. Obviously, I was really appreciative of the fact that he was giving me advice, but at the same time it’s really weird because he’s also going after the same girl,” he says pensively.

“So in my mind I’m just pretending that we’re all dating different girls, but then the reality hits at the cocktail party when there’s just one girl.”


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