Written by Melanie Burton, September 20, 2016

Married at First Sight ex-contestants Nicole and Jono didn’t find their happily ever afters with their TV partners on the show, but are they now a couple instead? It sure looks like it!

Season three’s Nicole posted a photo on Instagram last night of what looks like her out to dinner with Jono from season two, with the caption: “New friends and new adventures #believeeverythingyouread.”

Does that mean we can believe that they’re together?!

New friends and new adventures #believeeverythingyouread 😂 #realitytv #marriedatfirstsight #marriedau #9married #mafs

A photo posted by Married At First Sight S3 (@nicoleheir) on

Shortly after season three ended last week, Nicole decided she didn’t want to continue her marriage with TV hubby Keller, while Jono and his TV wife Clare Verrall also didn’t work out in season two of the show.

Clare even commented on the photo: “You guys look cute together.”

She added: “Even though I assume this is a MAFS alumni catch [email protected] you have @jonopitman19 & I’ll have @keller____ (jokes). Jono is a good guy, just not the one for me. Good to see Jono looking so happy.”

Fans weren’t as supportive of the potential new couple though, with one user writing: “Omg @nicoleheir please nooooo!! That guy is the biggest tosser step away,” while another wrote: “Yuuuuuck! What are you doing?!”

We wonder if it’s for real?!

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