Written by Melanie Burton, June 21, 2016

Louise Pillidge was once the innocent looking blonde on season two of The Bachelor, who – in the weirdest of circumstances – won the heart of Blake Garvey!

But after Louise and Blake’s very public split in April, it looks like Louise is starting fresh – quite literally.

Check out how different she looks!

Day done ✨

A photo posted by Louise Pillidge (@louisepillidge) on

The 28-year-old lifestyle blogger has been showing off her constantly changing looks on her social media, crediting everyone from hairdressers to eye brow artists.

She’s even transformed her signature blonde locks for a more mysterious brunette style, and her skin looks smoother and brighter – prompting some suspicious fans to unleash the ‘B’ word!

Whatever the case, she’s definitely looking happier!


Louise pictured two years ago and right, two weeks ago.

Since documenting her new looks, fans have commented on her posts praising her transformation!


She definitely looks more glam these days!

So now she’s got a fab new look, what’s next?

Louise is reportedly planning to head back to Sydney after moving to Perth to live with Blake.