Written by Melanie Burton, March 18, 2016

Oh the joys of the Internet. Things can be found that you thought would have been deleted forever! But we’re not complaining anymore, as celebs old school social media accounts have been resurfacing lately, (Taylor Swift’s only a few weeks ago)… and they’re hilarious!

The Mirror have discovered heart-throb and new dad Louis Tomlinson‘s Myspace and Bebo accounts, and the photos are everything!!

He may be a doting dad now, but once upon a time – not so much! In this photo he’s pretending to punch a baby doll… yikes!


Stop crying dammit! 


The fresh-faced teen looks pleased with himself, cupping this girl’s breast.

Yep, it would have been at that age where he would have thought he was sooo cool for touching a girls boob!


Cheeky Louis!

Holding a can of beer in one hand – Louis is just too cool for school!


Guys, I’m totally drunk right now…

He looks like such a bad-boy with those sunnies, and we can just imagine what type of high-school teen Louis was!


Don’t touch me man, you’ll mess up my hair!


Oh Louis, how you’ve matured!

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