Written by Melanie Burton, May 16, 2016

New Bachie Richie Strahan hadn’t set eyes on Sam Frost since she left him “heartbroken” by choosing Sasha Mielczarek on The Bachelorette last year.

So you can just imagine how much fun it was for him to bump into a seriously loved-up Sam and Sasha on Logies night!

Yep, awkies all round…

“I said g’day to Sam at the pre-drinks,” Richie told NW on the red carpet before trying to convince us he’s all “cool bananas” about it.

“It’s fantastic to see her and Sash – they look incredible together. They look so happy.”

It was a big night for Richie, who’s barely had any contact with the outside world since March when he was announced as the next Bachie. This means he had no idea Sam has been so publicly protective of him on her 2DayFM radio show – and he cheered up when we told him!

“Wow, how nice is that? She’s an absolute sweetheart,” he said, as his face lit up. “That’s really beautiful to hear, it’s really heartwarming.”

Meanwhile, Sam told us later on that she was a bit miffed that Richie wouldn’t open up to her about what’s been going on during filming!

“It was great to chat to him but he was quite tight-lipped, which was disappointing,” she spilled.

Well, we reckon that might just be because he’s met The One!

“You know you can’t ask me too many questions about that!” the 30-year-old Perth hottie said when we grilled him about finding true love. “You can probably tell by the smile on my face though!”

Cool bananas!

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