Written by Melanie Burton, September 20, 2016

While we’re used to seeing Liam Hemsworth with a buff physique, he’s revealed that he practically starved himself for the shirtless scenes in the recent film The Dressmaker.

Liam played larrakin Teddy McSwiney, and admits that he struggled with some parts of the role, while also enduring many sleepless nights!

“I didn’t eat for weeks,” he confessed to E! News.

“I did some push ups in my trailer. Anytime you’re going to come out and take your top off, it’s good to do a couple of push ups … It’s very difficult to come out and just take your clothes off.”


Liam had his top off for most of the film…

Luckily Liam was straight back on the food when filming for the movie wrapped.

“I ate a lot of chips after that day, actually,” said Liam, who usually follows a vegan diet.

“I wanted to go anywhere with burgers and fries,” he added.

Poor guy!

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