Written by Melanie Burton, August 26, 2016

Just when we thought there couldn’t be any weirder dates than what there’s already been on The Bachelor, the producers proved us wrong.

Alex and Richie’s chocolate bath date was just, UGH.

Here’s 5 moments from last night’s ep that we’ve just got to recap…

1. Alex and Richie’s chocolate date


Can we just talk about this gooey date for a second. So Alex gets picked for the single date – Richie picks her up in a red Ferrari – and she’s already on cloud nine.

They arrive at a house where a Lindt chocolatier is waiting for them.

They get to make their own chocolate that they think represents the other person, which is kinda cute.

Richie says he’s going to put salt in his because he thinks Alex is “grounded”and Alex asks Richie whether she should put macadamias in hers, in which he agrees, and says “I am a bit nutty.” Gotta love Richie and his dad jokes.

They put their handprints in the chocolate and start having this awks chocolate war, in which the chef in the background is probably p****d off that they are ruining his masterpiece…

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more cringeworthy, Richie presents Alex with a chocolate bath. Yep, 300 litres of the stuff.

They get all sticky and slimy and have chocolate seeping into places that one should not have chocolate.

There’s kissing, touching, blowing bubbles underwater – and it’s just absolute torture to watch.

2. Highlands group date where the girls beat Richie


Super awks. Richie is from a Scottish background, so it’s only fitting that he gets the girls to compete in traditional Scottish games.

While some struggled – aka Sarah who just spent the entire time mooning everyone else – Olena killed it, and cleared the pole in the sheaf toss, while Richie didn’t.

Yep Richie, lost to the girls.

Then it was the haggis eating competition. Can you think of anything worse?!

The teams have 5 minutes to eat as much haggis as they can, and Rachael wastes no time – shovelling in as much as she can.

When it’s Nikki’s turn, she starts delicately eating the haggis with a fork, before Rach tells her to “get up” because she’s not eating it quick enough. LOL!

After all the games, the teams all end up with 1 point, so it’s a tie. Everyone is invited to the ‘afterparty’ which involves drinking and dancing to Scottish music.

3. Sarah and Richie’s awks convo


While dancing with Sarah, Richie whisks her outside for a chat. He asks her a simple question: “What’s a deal breaker for you in a relationship?” and then, it’s just silence.

After about a minute of Sarah going: “UMMMM” Richie helps her out by telling her what a dealbreaker is for him, and asks her again.

Still nothing. They head back inside, and from that point you can kinda tell that Sarah’s a goner.

3. Olena opens up to Richie


Poor girl. Just as Richie pulls Olena aside in the rose ceremony, the other girls talk about how she’s the “hardest woman to crack.”

“I feel like you don’t know me yet,” Olena tells Richie.

He’s super frustrated that he can’t get Olena to open up, which would be knew for him because all the other women are pouring their hearts out to him.

She admits she needs to trust him more, and proceeds to cry.

We love you, Olena.

Sarah goes home


If only Sarah had opened up to Richie earlier in the night, she might have had a shot at staying.

But poor girl didn’t get a rose, and was sent packing.

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