Written by Melanie Burton, September 1, 2016

WOAH! Last night’s ep of The Bachelor involved an L-bomb, a whole lotta mud, and a few pashes – as usual.

ICYMI, here’s the highlights…

1. Nikki’s single date


Nikki was hoping she would be the name on the single date card, and she was right! She had the very first single date on the show, so it was defs her turn for another one!

Richie picks her up in this old-school car that makes weird horn noises – but Nikki loves it because she’s a country girl after all. Plus, she would smile even if she didn’t like it, because that’s how sweet she is!

Continuing with the country-themed date, Richie decides to take her to one of the oldest pubs in rural NSW.

Nikki uses her chance to touch Richie by ‘fixing his hat hair,’ which naturally makes him do the whole ‘tuck her hair behind her ear’ thing.

A band appears playing country music, and Richie being the smooth guy he is pulls Nikki in close for a slow dance, and then they KISS!

They they talk about their feelings and Nikki lays it all on the line.

She tells him that if he chooses her he will have all of her, and then tells the cameras that she’s already fallen in love with him. YEP!!!



2. The group Tough Mudder date


Just when we thought the group dates couldn’t get any more random, they do. A Tough Mudder challenge would be a good idea – apparently.

The girls thought they’d be playing for themselves, but instead they all have to work as a team.

Olena, who initially wasn’t keen for the whole thing to begin with, smashed it in the sliding through mud part of the obstacle course, then challenged Richie to a race through it.

She was like a damn worm on speed!

At the end the girls hosed each other off, and of course after pouring a few drops of water down her face, Olena goes back to looking super hot, as usual.

Poor Rachael thought she had it in the bag – helping the girls the most through the challenge and hoping it would get Richie’s attention – but it didn’t.

Richie chose Olena for some alone time, because she clearly impressed him with her snake-like abilities through the mud.

3. Olena opens up to Richie – finally!


Olena FINALLY opens up to Richie. She tells him she really likes him and that she wants to go slow and steady.

Richie tells her she’s gorgeous, gives her a rose, and kisses her – just like clockwork.

4. Cocktail party dramz


At the cocktail party, Rachael claims that she can tell who the top three are, by the way they’re sitting.

Nikki, Olena and Alex are all on one side, and they’ve conveniently all had second single dates with Richie.

Rachael says she Steph, Kiki and Faith on her side are the “leftovers.”

5. Faith cries, but Kiki goes home


Faith was an emotional wreck during the cocktail party and the rose ceremony.

She hadn’t had a chance to talk to Richie and wasn’t feeling very confident about herself, so when she and Kiki were the last two standing – the waterworks started.

But after Richie gave intruder Steph a rose, Kiki already knew she was going home, proceeding to say, “S**t” out loud.

And she was right – Keeks was sent home last night!

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