Written by Melanie Burton, October 6, 2016

Australian superstar Kylie Minogue and her fiance Joshua Sasse announced their engagement back in February, and since then we’ve been patiently waiting for news of a wedding date.

But apparently, we have to wait…

Joshua told Sunrise this morning that the pair have decided not to get married until same-sex marriage is legal in Australia. YASS!

Joshua reveals he and Kylie won’t marry until same-sex marriage is legal

“Why are we anymore important than anybody else?” he said.

“It’s not right, something has to be done about it,” he said of Australia’s current laws which don’t allow same-sex couples to be legally married.

“It’s something we have talked about and decided upon,” he continued.

“I wanted to tell you today on her behalf and our behalf that until this law has passed in Australia, we will not be getting married.”

Josh has even started his ‘Say I Do Down Under‘ campaign to try and legalise same-sex marriage.

Onya guys!

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