Written by Melanie Burton, April 6, 2016

And it’s not who you think! During the exclusive interview with Paper magazine – yep the one Kylie Jenner just did that super weird cover for – Kyls answers all the questions you’ve been dying to know.

One of the questions was, If you could be any sister for 24 hours, who would you be? You think she’d say maybe Kourtney? Khloe? Kendall? NOPE NOPE AND NOPE!

“I would probably be Kim just to try on all her clothes and go through her closet.”

Fair enough too. Kim has an envious closet!

Paper also asked Kylie about a recent comment where she says having kids after 30 is “too late”.

“I don’t want to start [having] a baby when I’m 30! I don’t believe in after 30 — I don’t know.”

What does your family think of that since your sisters have been 30 or older when they had their first kid?

But they all wanted to have kids before. Kim was like, “I better have two kids before 30.” She always said that.” Interesting!

In this video, Kylie says she would never live with Kim and Kanye. Now we see why… she was too jealous of Kim’s closet! LOL!

Kylie refuses to ever live with Kim and Kanye

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