Written by Melanie Burton, July 6, 2016

Kylie Jenner has gone where none of her sisters have dared – she’s sacked her mum Kris Jenner as her manager!

Yep, according to new reports, Kylie’s giving Kris the boot because she feels like she’s been ‘left out’ from Kris’ family priorities recently. “Kris has been so focused on Rob and Blac’s baby, Kendall‘s modeling and, as always, Kim,” a friend tells Radar Online.

“Kylie just feels like she doesn’t matter to Kris anymore and she says she wants to look into getting new management.”

Things are said to have become heated between the pair when Kris helped her son Rob and fiancee Blac Chyna start up a reality spin-off – even though Kylie has wanted to do her own show for years!

“After Rob and Blac got their own show it really sent Kylie into a dark place,” the pal spilled. “She is so sick of living in the shadows of the rest of her family, and she blames Kris.”

So when Kris lost her s**t last week over Ky’s reunion with her bad-boy beau Tyga, it was the last straw for Kylie, who really let it rip!


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“When Kylie got back together with Tyga, she had a huge blowout fight with Kris,” a friend of Kylie’s reveals.

“She told her mother that she was completely ridiculous and a hypocrite for giving her grief about it because Kris has always supported her older sisters in their relationship.”

“It is really nasty between the two of them right now.”


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