Written by Melanie Burton, June 28, 2016

Khloe Kardashian is still furious that brother Rob proposed to his fiance Blac Chyna without telling the family, and she’s now revealed that she refuses to attend their wedding!

Yep, KoKo just can’t seem to bring herself to forgive him for excluding them from such an important moment in his life!

On this week’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe fumes: “Why was he able to propose in front of her whole family but not us? I feel like Rob is deliberately excluding us from so many things and he almost likes this wedge being put between us all.”

“I’m not going to his wedding if he has a wedding,” she insists.


Khloe and Kris are furious when they find out about the engagement on social media!

Kourtney tries to calm her down by saying: “But how many weddings have we been to in this family and they don’t mean s**t so let’s all get over it!” True that!

Even mum Kris Jenner is peeved about the situation.

“He asked her mum for her hand in marriage and he’s never even mentioned it to us. I’m not going to call him, he should have called me. To hear Rob got engaged through social media is a bit disappointing to say the least,” Kris vented.

Kim Kardashian puts her two cents in as well, revealing how her brother’s whirlwind romance is ‘embarrassing’ for the family.

“He must legitimately hate our whole family,” she says.

Khloe recently revealed that she wanted Rob ‘cut’ from the family. “Rob’s the weak link in the bunch, and needs to be cut,” she said in a previous episode.

Yikes, it’s going to be hard to get yourself out of this one Rob!

Khloe says no one should congratulate Rob on his engagement

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