Written by Melanie Burton, April 28, 2016

She’s already achieved so much at the age of 20, but Kendall Jenner‘s still got the rest of her life planned out!

On her website KendallJ.com, Kenny tells exactly how she would like her life to be in 10 years, and how she wouldn’t mind being like veteran supermodels Cindy Crawford and Gisele Bundchen!

“Hearing Kylie mention what she sees her life like at 30 – on a farm with kids – got me thinking about my own life in 10 years, which weirdly gave me a strong urge to play The Sims,” she said. LOL!

“If I were building my perfect world on the game, this is how it would look: I’d have a beautiful, secluded house in Malibu with a gorgeous husband and a couple of kids.” Pretty sure you’ll have gorgeous kids Kenny, you’re a supermodel!

“Seeing models like Cindy Crawford and Gisele live chill but extremely fortunate and blessed lives seems like exactly what I would want.”

AND, she’s also considered how many pets she’d like to have. “Even though I love dogs, I don’t want to be overwhelmed so I’d probably just have one. I’d definitely want a horse, too, so I could ride whenever I wanted.”

It’s not surprising that Kendall also dreams about when her life will slow down, after living in the spotlight for almost decade!

“I envision the decades ahead as super nice and relaxing,” she added.

Kendall Jenner growing up

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