Written by NW Staff, August 5, 2016

Make no mistake, Keira Maguire is putting up a fight for Richie, demanding his attention, the white rose and the first single date the second she stepped out of her limo.

But while she initially had him tripping over his own feet with her good looks and sassy seduction skills, in the end he stumbled right past her and into the arms of single mum Alex. And Keira definitely wasn’t happy about it, resulting in the mansion’s very first catfight!

“Look, I thought I was going to get the white rose – but, hey, I don’t have a baby, so you can’t compete with that,” Keira, 30, tells NW. “If the baby wasn’t in play, I probably would have got the white rose – let’s be honest.”

But that’s not all the straight-shooter had to say about her first week in the mansion…

How awks was it when Richie asked you what turns you on!

Oh my God – I was so shocked. It was so awkward. I didn’t know what to do so I was like, just say goodbye and walk.

You’ve certainly made an impression…

I just say things without realising. I’m very light-hearted anda bit of a joker. Anything I said wasn’t malicious – I was just making statements of what was going on.

The girls seemed quite jealous of your time with Richie – there was definitely a spark!

I can see how people would be threatened simply because of my personality… I don’t know. I obviously know how to get a man’s attention.

How did you get along with the other girls?

There were so many girls with big personalities. I made some friends really early, but you’re not going to get along with just anyone.

Alex v Keira

Keira wasn’t exactly making friends in week one – especially with Alex (left)

Speaking of big personalities, what did you think of Eliza? You seemed to have a strong opinion of her song.

You saw that?! Hilarious…

Do you think everyone was there to find love?

I was so focused on talking to Richie that I wasn’t thinking about who was there for the right reasons. I’m not generally the person that sits back and judges people.

You seem confident that Richie is the man for you…

He’s got a very similar personality to me, he doesn’t take things too seriously and doesn’t have much of a filter either.

It’s pretty savage at the cocktail parties, trying to get alone time with him! There was obviously no girl code…

To be honest, I don’t need anyone to agree with me. I’m respectful of everyone’s time with him and as long as that’s returned, that’s all that matters.

Did you feel you had any competition from the other girls?

No. [Laughs]

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