Written by Melanie Burton, November 25, 2016

Yesterday it was reported that Kanye West was “doing much better” since being hospitalised on Monday, but new reports claim that his problems are “much deeper” than people first thought.

He was initially said to be suffering temporary psychosis brought on by sleep deprivation and extreme dehydration, but sources tell TMZ his issues “go much deeper.”

An insider even claims that Kanye is in such a “bad mental state” that his psychological problems are “significant enough” for his insurance policy to “almost certainly” cover the losses for the remaining 21 tour dates he cancelled just before he was admitted to hospital.

Kanye went on a bizarre rant at his show on Saturday before fleeing the stage

A relative of the rapper’s revealed to the DailyMail.com that Kanye is always “highly sensitive” at this time of year because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the anniversary of his mum Donda’s death.

“Any time around the holidays is tough for him, he is an only child. But he was very close to his mom, so this time of year… it’s really difficult,” they said.

“Then on top of it, everything that happened with Kim in Paris, the build up to it is a lot, it’s a lot of pressure.

“With too much pressure it bursts and right now with everything hurting for him Kanye has burst.”

While the family were hoping he’d be home for Thanksgiving, it’s unlikely he’ll be discharged from UCLA Medical Centre until at least the end of the week.

Despite the bad news, a source close to the family claim the rapper is “starting to feel more like himself, and that he understands the importance of ‘resting and getting help.'”

“They are taking it day by day. He understands that getting help at the hospital was necessary,” they said.

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