Written by Melanie Burton, May 6, 2016

Remember the story yesterday about Kanye West firing his bodyguard because he caught him talking to wife Kim Kardashian? Well now, speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, he’s hit back at the rapper, saying “Kanye needs to chill the f*** out.”

Steve Stanulis was a former Staten Island police officer and father of three and said he was sacked almost on the spot, after Kanye saw him talking to Kim at the door of her hotel room at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Monday.

“I was walking and the door was open and I happened to see Kim. I thought I’d ask her or the other security or assistant if there was a change of plan,” he said.

“I had no intention on hitting on Kim Kardashian. I am happily married. I got enough problems in the world and three young kids, so that was not my intent.”

Steve, who has also protected the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, says that Kanye was “the most self-absorbed person” he had ever met. No surprises there…

He was meant to accompany Kim and Kanye to the Met Gala, and then be their security for the next day, but both of his tasks were removed.

“I was told I wouldn’t be needed (the next day),” he said. He never saw them again. Eeeek!

When asked if he felt that Kanye thought he had been hitting on Kim, he said: “I don’t know if he was or wasn’t. But if he was for whatever reason, he just has to chill out.”

“I mean he has everything you could possibly want in the world…money, power, fame, a beautiful wife and talent. He has to pull back.”

Kanye, you need to calm the eff down!

Watch part of the exclusive interview with the Daily Mail here…

Bodyguard Steve speaks out

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