Written by Melanie Burton, May 11, 2016

Eeek! Jono Pitman and TV wife Clare Verrall had a turbulent relationship during their time on reality dating show Married At First Sight.

And even now that the show’s over and the two have gone their separate ways, Jono’s continued to stir the pot once more.

He hit back at Clare again on Tuesday, posting a picture to Instagram of him trying to get rid of his wedding ring. Awks!

#keeporgo #whatmemories #endofacrazychapter #bringonthenext✌????️

A photo posted by Jono Pitman (@jonopitman19) on

Originally posted on Snapchat, the picture is overlaid with the writing: “Look what I found. Who wants it?”

Of course, fans started flooding Jono with comments. “Take it to cash converters and make some money off of it,” one  fan wrote, while another commented: “Sell it on eBay.”

One user even went as far as saying: “Express Post marked: Return to Sender.” Yikes!!!

People were also encouraging Jono to keep the ring, or put it on eBay and give the money to charity.

Look what you’ve started Jono!

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