Written by Melanie Burton, November 23, 2016

The Friends theme song has to be one of the most iconic tunes in the history of television – ever – but Jennifer Aniston might have just ruined it for us.

Appearing on The One Show, she admitted the cast of the show never actually liked The Rembrandts’ hit I’ll Be There For You. SAY WHAT?!

Yep, and she even revealed that they all  found the opening scene – where they dance in a fountain – “odd.”

“No one was really a fan of that theme song. We felt it was a little odd, dancing on a fountain, but we did it,” she said. *heart breaks*

The Friends theme song was such an iconic part of the show!

Friends is often repeated on a number of channels, and Jen admits that even she can’t help but take a trip down memory lane.

When asked if she watches repeats of the show, she said: “I can’t help it. First I try and remember which episode it is, I even say: ‘I don’t remember that’ at first, and you just get sucked into the nostalgia of it.”

Us too, Rachel.

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