Written by Melanie Burton, May 23, 2016

We revealed earlier this month that Seven Year Switch’s Jackie was expecting a baby with her boyfriend of three-years Tim, and it looks like that’s not the only thing they have to celebrate!

Yep, on tonight’s reunion episode, there might be a surprise engagement – after a “sneak preview” video shared online ahead of the episode showed Tim getting down on one knee and proposing to his pregnant girlfriend Jackie! OMG!

The clip was quickly deleted, but according to Woman’s Day, it wasn’t an engagement ring that Tim proposed with, but a voucher for a permanent “tattoo ring” instead. Of course.

Jackie was overheard saying at a fitness expo that the pregnancy was “so hard to keep it a secret,”so the time had obviously come for her and Tim to officially reveal the shock pregnancy to the public.

In an interview with New Idea, the fitness business owners have confirmed that they’re expecting, with Jackie gushing: “We’re having what we’re calling our “Seven Year Switch baby!'”

It’s sure shocked viewers, seeing as only a few episodes ago Jackie was about to dump Tim after finding out that he’d got matching tattoos with his experimental partner Tallena. She was more heartbroken over this than the fact that Tim had only ever said “I love you” once in three-and-a-half years!!! Um, okay then.

In the episode where the couples were reunited, Jackie revealed that she and Tim had decided that they wanted to try for a baby, and they have “already tried 400 times in the last two days,” since they were back with one other. Yikes, that’s some intense baby making! But obviously it worked…

“It’s because of the show we sorted things out and are now having a baby. It’s just incredible!” Jackie told the mag, adding: “We got pregnant within a week of finishing the show, so that was a shock.” Jackie reveals that their baby is due in August.

EEEK, we can’t wait for tonight’s episode to see what else is revealed!


Jackie and Tim on the show

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