Written by NW Staff, June 17, 2016
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What else do you do with stacks of cash and spare time? Start your own winery of course! Well according to these celebs anyway.

Yep, these sets of stars all produce their own grapey goodness in lavish locations all over the world.

You can pour us a glass… or two guys!


Drew Barrymore 

Monterey, California

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Back in 2013, Drew started her second wine venture Barrymore Wines with Carmel Road Winery. Made from grapes grown in Monterey, California, her Pinot Grigio is bright and crisp, but if rosé is more your poison, Drew’s got you covered, last month releasing Rosé Of Pinot Noir, a delicate wine with light citrus and floral aromas.

Sample Drew’s blend for yourself when you visit the Carmel Road Winery (carmelroad.com), just a five-hour drive north of LA.

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