Written by Melanie Burton, June 2, 2016

Poor Geordie Shore fans are having a hard time at the moment. First, news that Charlotte Crosby is quitting the show, then calls for Gaz to as well, and now, Scotty T could be in danger of leaving! We can’t handle it!

The latest development comes after Scotty T Snapchatted a shocking photo of himself laying on a car while holding a gun while out in the street!

It wasn’t long after he shared the confronting snap that he realised his gaffe and took it down, but it was already too late.

Nearby neighbours spotted Scotty with the gun and got on the blower to the cops, leading to him getting arrested and charged shortly after – and MTV bosses are p*ssed, natch!


Scotty’s Snapchat pic

A source told the Sun Online: “Scott is a big part of the cast over at Geordie Shore and this has gone down like a tonne of bricks. He has to go and see the Head of Programming and Exec Producers of Geordie Shore to give his version of events.”

“He’s hugely popular and the bosses realise how important he is to the show, so they will do everything they can to help him, but they need some answers.”

“This was meant to be a mindless piece of fun, but Scott realises how foolish it was and apologises for wasting police time. Scott complied with police and was cautioned and released,” a spokesperson for the reality TV star told Mail Online.

Scotty has also spoken out, attempting to explain himself.

“My mate had a low level air rifle in his car and I foolishly got it out to have a look at it and had some photos taken with it… I posted it on social media but then took it down. You know when you are in a giddy mood and do something which you think is harmless, but realise you shouldn’t have done it?”

“That times 1,000. I regret doing it and realise it was a foolish thing to do. Of course, I hope this doesn’t impact on my career. It was meant to be a bit of mindless fun, that’s all, but turned into something much more serious.”

Scotty also had his apartment searched by police officers, and judging by his Twitter post, it wasn’t a bunch of LOLs. “Well that was a horrendous 6 hours,” he tweeted, along with a crying emoji.

Sadly for Scotty, the charge will stay on his criminal record which could deny him entry into certain countries, scuppering his dreams of international stardom.

Oh dear.

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