Written by Melanie Burton, June 23, 2016

Tom Hiddleston may have just started dating Hollywood’s it-girl Taylor Swift, but he hasn’t always been the it-man!

Yep, teen photos of a young Tom have emerged, and he was one serious geek!

In one pic, his raging ginger hair as in full force during what looks like a drama play!


He was also once house captain at Eton, a prestigious London school which also had Prince William and Eddie Redmayne as students.


A former friend of the actor tells the Daily Mirror: “Tom has had an incredible transformation. At school he was a total geek, he didn’t have any girlfriends and was quite awkward.

“He wasn’t a cool kid. He was very into his studies and worked really hard. He was a class boff.

“The most rebellious he got was when he tried to grow his hair long and teachers pulled him up on it,” adds the mate.

“He had a slightly odd fashion sense as well, he wore purple trousers, and his favourite T-shirt outside of school uniform was a tie dye T-shirt which changed colour when you breathed on it. He wasn’t very cool.”


Tom’s fashion sense was also questionable

Tom has previously defended his time at Eton, insisting it’s not just “full of braying toffs.”

“People think it’s just full of braying toffs, who are arrogant and chauvinistic, senseless and ambitious, who are destined to run the country and steal all our money.

“It isn’t true. There are a few people like that but that’s one or two in a school of 1,200. It’s actually one of the most broadminded places I’ve ever been.

“The reason it’s a good school is that it encourages people to find the thing they love and to go for it. They champion the talent of the individual and that’s what’s special about it.”

Okay, Tom.

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