Written by Melanie Burton, April 15, 2016

You know how mothers say they don’t have a favourite child?  Well usually they do, they just won’t say it.

Kris Jenner has made her faves pretty obvious though, and it was by the way she downloaded her daughters apps.

Downloading apps takes time, so you pick the most important app to update first – right!?

On Thursday, Kris tweeted a picture showing she was updating all her Kardashian apps, and it clearly showed which daughter’s app she went to download first.

Rookie mistake Kris.

So, you can tell by how far along each app is downloaded – which apps Kris clicked first – and who was last.

1. Kim

Kim’s was already updated before Kris even posted the photo! She’s number 1, which isn’t surprising!

2. Kylie

Kris tapped the Kyls update justttt before Kourtney’s, putting her in second place.

3. Kourtney

Kourtney is in third spot…

4. Kendall

Kendall’s fourth place is clear to see.

5. Khloe

Poor Khlo. Her app hasn’t even started updating on Kris’ phone yet.


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