Written by Melanie Burton, June 15, 2016

Last week we saw Holly Hagan lose her shit in EPIC fashion when she had a major meltdown in Magaluf – kicking Gaz, and screaming at the rest of the Geordie Shore crew.

It all started when Holly heard that her on-off boyfriend Kyle Christie had hooked up with one of her housemates.

But we were dying to know… who?!?!

While rumours first suggested that it could be her co-star Chloe Ferry, it’s now been claimed that the perp was… Chantelle Connelly!


Chantelle has been a hit among the lads in the house

Needless to say, Holly’s devoed.

Chantelle and Kyle were spotted at Unit 1 nightclub in Exeter together just three weeks ago, where an onlooker says they were “quit handsy with each other, and there was lots of flirting and giggling gong on.”

Funnily enough, during Holly’s meltdown, she was heard shouting at Chantelle, “You shagged my ex-boyfriend!,” with Chantelle screaming back: “Listen Holly, I did not know.”

According to Heat mag: “The idea of Kyle sleeping with Chantelle wouldn’t come as a shock to Holly, but knowing he has actually done it would really, really hurt her even though they’re both single.”

“Holly gets tweets off girls saying they have slept with Kyle, which is hard for her to take, but he’s single and she can deal with it. But Chantelle being on Geordie Shore changes everything.”

Hmmm, sh*t could hit the fan!


WATCH: Holly goes crazy when she finds out Kyle’s slept with another woman!

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