Written by Nikita Lee, October 14, 2016

Last night on The Bachelorette, there was dancing, boat trips, love letters, some more dancing, some old timers getting in on the Georgia action and a whole lot of Matty J. And after that ep, we’re all about Matty J for the win!

But let’s start at the beginning. The boys get a little note from Georgia asking one of them to “Step back in time” with her. And after a bit of heckling amongst the lads, the lucky guy is… Matty J!

Georgia, looking all nautical in her cute little sailor-striped top, neck scarf and red heels, picks him up in a vintage car and whisks him away to the harbourside, trying unsuccessfully to keep her hair from bunching up in knots from the annoying wind as she drives (while probs cursing the producers for making her drive a convertible car).

Nothing is worse than turning up to a romantic date with your hair looking like a birds’ nest – well, except having the cameras document it for national TV.


Anywho… Georgia and Matty J jump on board the boat for a day of dance lessons, and hence starts THE MOST ADORABLE DATE EVER. From the minute they get together on this date, there is a super-cute, genuine spark between Georgia and Matty – it’s natural, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s cute, it’s #relationshipgoals, let’s be honest.

Every time he twirls her in, he lands a sweet kiss on Georgia’s lips, and we’re just sitting at home all like, “Naaawwwwwww.”

They do more dancing, then later on they get all dolled up – Georgia’s retro curls and red halter dress are to die for, BTW! – and perform their dance solo on the dancefloor.

Champagne follows, then Matty J – usually all fun and jokey – gets serious about his feelings for Georgia. “I wanted this pretty much since the first time I saw you,” he says. “I need to let you know that literally when I wake up from the moment I go to bed, you’re always on my mind.”

That’s some Notebook stuff right there, and Georgia – being a girl whose clearly a sucker for a soppy rom-com – can’t handle how Matty’s making her feel like the most special girl in the world, and has an overwhelming urge just to kiss him. And… fireworks! That kiss! Did we mention that we’re in love with Matty J?!

Okay, enough about Matty J – there’s still five other guys in this thing. So Osher is in charge of setting up Georgia’s next group date, and he’s got three tests for her to connect with the guys – without knowing which boy is which…


Test 1 – Osher arranges for a group of old men to sit down and speed date Georgia… but it’s not as creepy as it sounds. Their young counterparts – Jake, Lee, Cam, Clancy and Courtney – have to feed the old guys answers to Georgia’s questions, so it’s like they’re sitting right in front of her… only in much, much older bodies.

Struggling Clancy has an epic fail trying to talk to Georgia via his old guy, so he gets the boot. Bye Clancy!

Test 2 – It’s down to Jake, Lee, Cam and Courtney, and now each of the boys has to pen Georgia a love note – for someone else to read out. Some of them are actually really quite sweet – who knew these boys had a poet in them?! Georgia is least touched by Courtney’s letter, so it’s see you later to Court…

Test 3 – Three guys left standing now. Jake, Lee and Cam take turns with a blindfolded Georgia on the dancefloor, showing her his moves and then leaving it up to our Bachelorette to pick which ones made her swoon the most. This time, it’s tall, dark and handsome firefighter Cam that gets the alone time with Georgia!


They sip champagne and scoop Häagen-Dazs ice-cream from the tub (ahem, product placement much?) and talk about their flaws in relationships… Georgia trots out the old line about putting work before love, and Cam admits he’s been a bit of a clinger in the past. Awks. These two are cute together… but… we can’t help feeling that it’s gone back to the friends zone for these two.

Rose ceremony is next… and, as suspected, it’s time for a teary Georgia to say goodbye to Clancy. And then there were five!


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