Written by NW Staff, October 9, 2016
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Miranda Kerr swears by it for core strength and flexibility – and hello, that body! – while Miley Cyrus shares poses on Insty and Gisele Bundchen starts every day with it.

And while yoga isn’t exactly new – it’s been around for thousands of years! – the modern age of constant social media stimulation means there’s never been a better time to experience the ultimate mind-body workout.

According to old Indian texts, there are 84 basic yoga poses, and each of those has 100,000 variations! What’s more, yoga is proven to provide more body awareness, self-confidence, creativity, balance and better sleep – as well as toning, improving flexibility and overall muscle strength.

Aussie model Ashley Hart has been a yoga devotee for 10 years now. In fact, it’s become such a big part of her life that she even did an instructors’ course in Mexico!

“I had this amazing moment of separation from my mind and body. That was my first spiritual moment where I started to gain a lot of peace from yoga,” she says.

ashley hart

The model, who often posts snaps of her yoga practice on Insty, also meditates twice a day, which she says helps keep her mind clear.

“You don’t need a pair of runners, or even a yoga mat – I can literally do it in a hotel room wherever I am,” says Ash, 28. “If I don’t practise yoga or meditate for a few days, I really notice it… I become a lot more scattered.”

And if you’re into resistance training, yoga is a great way to warm up the muscles beforehand. It can also improve balance, posture and agility for things like boxing and spin.

Here’s how to eat, breathe and pose the yogi way…

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