Written by Melanie Burton, September 2, 2016

As the number of girls on The Bachelor dwindles, they need every chance they can get to form a proper connection with Richie.

One girl had that chance last night – aka Rachael on her romantic senses single date with Richie.

But then there was poor Faith, who had to share him with their three-year-old toddler Hamish Blake – aka Rory – the whole day.

Here’s last night’s highlights…

1. Hamish Blake on Richie and Faith’s date


All poor Faith wanted was a real single date, not one which involved playing mum to Hamish Blake – who was pretending to be Richie and Faith’s three-year-old toddler Rory.

From throwing temper tantrums to asking ‘mummy’ aka Faith to take him to the toilet and sing him a toilet song – Hamish was definitely the typical toddler!

After a long day, Richie and Faith put Rory to bed, and finally get some alone time to pash, natch.

Definitely not our idea of a romantic date…

2. Rachael and Richie’s single date


Rachael meets Richie in the garden as she embarks on “the 5 senses” date.

For “sight” Richie pulls out a camera and suggests the pair take some cute selfies.

For “smell” a fragrance specialist helps them create their own scent. Fun!

“Touch” didn’t involve any blindfolds, but Richie awkwardly offers Rach a foot rub and naturally she freaks out. She opts for a hand massage instead.

“Taste” is a sushi picnic and finally for “sound” s**t gets real. Richie reads Rachael a letter from her mother telling her how proud she is of her and that she hopes she finds love.

3. The realisation that no one got a rose


Oh s**t! After realising that both Faith and Rachael failed to receive roses on their single dates with Richie, the girls quietly freak out.

Of course, they put it down to Richie being “confused” and that it’s his way of trying to tell them that he “all likes them the same way.” Um, okay then.

4. Alex pulls out the family photo album


Oh, Alex. She’s decided that tonight is the night she’ll reveal photos of her kid Elijah to Richie – to make it even MORE real.

Richie is slightly freaking out as he flips through the album, but hides it by repeatedly telling Alex that Elijah’s “so cute!”

Alex reminds Richie that he won’t be Elijah’s dad because “he already has one” but he’ll be his “best friend” instead.

A whole photo album later, and Richie explains that he’s not sure whether he’s ready for the responsibility yet. Awks.


5. Intruder Steph goes home


As the group gets smaller, there’s less roses to give, and the tensions are at an all time high.

It comes down to Rachael and Steph as the final two, and with Rach having a successful single date with Richie earlier on, it was safe to say Steph was going to go.

Poor Steph wouldn’t have been too “stoked” about that!