Written by NW Staff, July 4, 2016
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We’ve all wanted to throw our iPhone at a wall at one point or another. Right?! Sometimes it just doesn’t want to co-operate, and often, we’re frantically searching Google for the solution, because lets be honest – we can’t live without our phones!

Well to kinda solve that issue, here’s nine iPhone tips that might come in handy sooner than you think!


1. When your iPhone is full…


This one isn’t that hard, you just have to find somewhere else to store your beloved photos – aka selfies.

Firstly, check Settings > General > Storage >Manage Storage to see what’s the biggest culprit, which will probably be your photos and videos taking up all the space.

After that, you can download Google Photos which is a free app and website that will store unlimited photos, AND in settings you can press ‘Free up space’ which will get rid of the old photos and vids from your phone that you’ve already backed up. Hopefully.

If that doesn’t work…

Yourr iCloud account could be full, so you may need to delete old backups.

Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storageand tap the outdated backup, then Delete Backup!

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