Written by Melanie Burton, August 25, 2016

Last night’s ep of The Bachelor involved Alex laughing, Alex crying, and everything in between.

Here’s 5 things we really need to talk about…

1. Intruder Steph gets a single date


Action, action, action. Steph and Richie rode around on jet ski’s for their date, because as Richie says, “From the moment I met Steph, it was clear she loves anything with an engine.” Righto.

Before they know it it’s night time, and they walk into a room with a floor-couch, and total romantic setup with a gazillion candles.

They talk about feelings, Steph gets a rose, and they go back to the mansion.

2. Alex goes a bit OTT in the compatibility test group date


A compatibility test – how original. It starts off with some multiple choice questions that the girls have to answer to determine whether they’re made for Richie or not.

A bunch of them get eliminated, and then it’s on to the second round. The girls get two minutes to touch Richie, while the others watch on a monitor. Um, okay then.

Of course when it gets to Alex – she looks at Richie like he’s a piece of meat. Literally.

She runs her hands through his hair, grabs his hand and makes it touch her mouth, she rubs the back of his neck and kisses him slowly on the cheek. It was just – ugh.

3. Faith’s single date where she necked on with Richie – again.


Faith wins the challenge overall, and gets some one-on-one time with Richie in the back garden.

They discuss what their life could be like together, which tugs at our heartstrings just a little bit.

Of course their time ends with the same old story. A couch, candles, a rose, and a pash.

4. Alex has a sook over Rachael’s comment about her son


Alex and her crocodile tears come out to play, again. After Rachael goes off with Richie, Alex stirs the pot.

She tells the other girls that Rachael said to her “You’re a single mum, whats the point in you being here when Nikki is already the chosen winner.”

Um, lies?! Then the waterworks start and OMFG Alex, srsly.

5. Noni leaves before intruders without having a single date


Poor Noni! Girl didn’t even get a single date, and she gets the boot along with intruder Khalia.

We’ll miss you and your bacon puns Noni!