Written by Melanie Burton, June 24, 2016

Calvin Harris and Rita Ora might have had a nasty breakup in 2014 which involved a pretty bitter Twitter feud, but after Cal’s recent split from Taylor Swift, Rita might have her eye back on the prize!

Yep, fans spotted the surprising moment on Thursday when the exes re-followed each other on Insta, which we assume means that they’re back on good terms!

Or, could Calvin just be trying to get a reaction out of Tay, who has already moved on with Tom Hiddleston, and didn’t seem to like Rita that much?


It was a shock to everyone!

Rita sent Calvin flowers and left an emotional voicemail message for him after his recent car crash, and Tay wasn’t impressed with her flirty moves on her then-boyfriend.

At the time, a pal of Taylor’s told heat: “She thinks it’s inappropriate that Rita did this – she thinks it’s a shady move to send flowers.”

“She didn’t let on to Adam how angry she was, but sent a message to Rita’s team that she should back off. Everyone knows it ended badly between Rita and Calvin. Rita wants them to be on better terms and says she just wanted to send Calvin a get well message, but Taylor still says there’s no need.”

So now that Calvin and Taylor are dunzo, could Rita be weasling her way back into Calvin’s life?

Stay tuned!


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