Written by Laura Wilson, August 25, 2016

Ever heard of the Dafni? It’s the latest hair tool taking the beauty world by storm and making us question our poker straight locks. Hell, we’re stepping away from them altogether after using this.

Basically, it’s a ceramic straightening brush that tames your mane while keeping your natural texture and volume. Yes please!

Take your cues from Jessica Alba and Margot Robbie. Their locks look done, but not OTT perfect and we’re all about that for Summer.

“The Dafni provides a new solution to straighten hair that is more trendy and more voluminous than some of the poker straight looks that we have been used to,” explains founder, Sharon Rabi. “Now we want our hair to have more presence, to look fuller – and fast.”

“It takes 50 seconds to heat up and has eight times the surface of a flat iron,” she adds. “And because you’re not pressing it together, you are letting the hair enjoy the heat and getting shaped in a way more similar to a blow dryer.”

It’s worth noting this means less heat damage on your hair. Plus you can still do kinks or waves by simply tilting the brush in or out or rotating it.

Watch it in action below and get styling…

Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush $229, shavershop.com.au

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