Written by Melanie Burton, October 14, 2016

Scary! There was reportedly a real-life shootout near the set of Jennifer Lopez’s TV show Shades Of Blue on Wednesday, but don’t worry – JLo wasn’t harmed!

She took to Insta on Thursday to post a selfie from her dressing room with the caption: “Back at it!! #setlife #workflow #letsgetit.”

Back at it!! #setlife #workflow #letsgetit

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According to Deadline, the NYPD responded quickly to the situation in Brooklyn, and luckily none of the cast or crew were harmed in the gunfire!

Guest star actress Kathryn Kates says she had a late call time on set because of the incident.

“I arrived late in the day around 4:30 and there were police cars when I arrived – and I was told there had been gunshots…” she told the publication.

She also said there was another disturbance just hours later, while she was with a member of the wardrobe department in her trailer just blocks from the set.

“We heard a commotion outside, then banging on my door and female voices pleading to let them in.”

“Tracey opened the door and quickly locked it – the 2 PA’s rushed in saying they were being threatened and, had she not locked the door, whomever was outside would have gotten in,” the actress added.

Scary stuff!

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