Written by Melanie Burton, May 8, 2016
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Bitching and backstabbing is pretty standard with The Real Housewives Of Melbourne, but tensions reach a new level in the upcoming 90-minute reunion special, thanks to some bombshell affair accusations!

Yep, Housewife and NW columnist Gina Liano tells us that in a shocking outburst, Jackie Gillies reveals what really went on with Lydia Schiavello and Shane Warne!

“Jackie says that Lydia did this and that with Shane and that it put her in a really compromising position,” Gina tells NW. Oh. Em. Gee!

Meanwhile, Jackie let slip during a recent chat to NW that she might have tum-thing exciting to reveal.

“There’s always the reunion,” she teased when we asked whether she might be making a baby announcement some time soon. And it wouldn’t be a Housewives reunion without screaming matches and D&Ms!

“We got some really good things out and nutted out some other things which had been lurking,” says Gina. “I liken it to dysfunctional counselling – because Alex Perry is nothing like a counsellor! And there were a couple of big fights. It’s definitely explosive!”

And as usual, Gina’s got plenty to say about it all…




Looking super glam, newest Housewife Susie McLean isn’t shy about making herself heard. We hear she sticks it to her old “friend” Lydia, adding a shocking update to the Shane Warne saga. “Susie’s got a lot to say and I think she makes some good points,” says Gina.

“Susie really goes for it with Lydia, they had a big falling out. You’ll hear quite a bit from her.”

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