Written by Melanie Burton, September 4, 2016

While our eyes have been glued to Richie Strahan’s go at finding love, Georgia Love has been waiting in the wings ready for her turn as The Bachelorette.

And you’ll be happy to know it’s just around the corner. *squeals for days*

The 27-year-old Tasmanian newsreader has walked away from her demanding day job to date a bunch of boys who think they could be her soul mate.

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But with eyes that make the ocean look like a dirty street pond and a successful career, why does Georgia need help finding The One?

Well, naturally, NW asked her… “I’ve always put my job first and kind of tried to let love find a way in through the back door,” she explains. “But all of a sudden I’ve realised that my job’s not going to tuck me in at night.”

While she’s not entirely alone at night – she already has a bed buddy, her beloved cat Pawdrey Hepburn, snuggling her furry friend just isn’t cutting it anymore… “I’ve been in love before and it’s the best feeling. Absolutely nothing compares to it,” says Georgia.

“I want to feel that again and I want it to be for the rest of my life.”


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So how will she know when she’s found The One? “I think it’s hard to talk about what love is like, because in my mind, it’s the indescribable,” she says.

“It’s those feelings that aren’t like anything else; it’s the butterflies in the tummy, it’s being excited to see someone at the end of the day.

But it’s just so unlike anything else that it is the indescribable.”

So now we know a little more about Georgia, we’re just hanging to meet the host of hotties who’ll be fighting for her affections. Tough gig eh George?! Something tells us she won’t be a cat lady for long….

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