Written by Melanie Burton, June 8, 2016

Holly Hagan has lost it BIG TIME while filming Geordie Shore in Magaluf!

In fact, she went so nuts on Monday night that she had to be restrained by Gaz!

So what’s eating Gilbert Grape? Well, judging by the fact she was screaming, “I’ve just heard that she’s been f***ing sh***ing my ex!” we’re guessing that someone has been doing the no-pants dance with Holly’s on-off beau Kyle Christie.

What’s more, after hearing the “love of her life” has been playing hide the sausage with someone who isn’t her, the distraught reality star legged it out of her taxi and towards a second one, that was also carrying members of the GS squad, suggesting the scarlet lady could be one of her co-stars!

That certainly seemed the case when she started shouting about her ex-man’s activities to co-star Chantelle Connelly, who replied “Listen Holly, I did not know.”

Holly had to be restrained during filming

Gaz even tried to get Holly calm the eff down, but she was having non of it, screaming, “Don’t you f***ing come near me! You’re as bad as him.”

According to Mail Online, the show’s security guards eventually waded in and escorted a frantic Holly back to the apartment in her own taxi.


Holly and Kyle were always fighting on the show

It’s just the latest in a long line of drama for Holly and Kyle, who had a tumultuous relationship in the Geordie house. So much so that at the end of Season 11, the cast were so fed up that they ordered one of them to leave, causing Kyle to quit.

The following season they got back together on the down-low, but split before the end, and filming of their new reality TV show Car Crash Couples.

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