Written by Melanie Burton, June 25, 2016
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Yikes! Geordie Shore has been plagued by crisis in recent weeks, with half the cast quitting, the rest barely speaking, and everything from epic benders to criminal convictions causing major chaos!

“It’s weird in the house because we’re going off the rails outside,” says Marnie Simpson. “What’s going on with us Geordies? We’re falling off the wagon!”

Is this the beginning of the end?


Charlotte and Gaz WALK OUT!


Charlotte Crosby quit the show after a bust-up with Gaz, who she says cheated on her after she suffered an ectopic pregnancy.

And just when it looked like they were about to kiss and make up – again! – with Gaz tweeting for her to jump on a plane and join the cast in Magaluf, it’s all kicked off after a recent episode showed Char tashing on with their co-star Marty earlier this year. Yep, it seems she cheated first!


Charlotte pashing Marty

Furious Gaz, 28, even storms out of the house after Char, 26, ’fesses up.

“I put everything on the line for her and she just threw it back in me face,” he rages. “We are done.” Oh dear…

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